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Hayley Menzies: About the iconic fashion brand

Updated: Sep 18

A fashion force for good

When we think about the creative forces that drive change in the fashion industry, the story of Hayley Menzies stands out as a remarkable example; the commitment the brand has towards sustainable and ethical fashion goes way beyond aesthetics.

The Fashion label embodies values that extend to animal welfare, supporting world-leading conservation organisations, craftsmanship, and an overall dedication to the future.

Hayley Menzies cardigan on a rack
Hayley Menzies cardigan in their new store

The founder, creative director, and lead designer of the eponymous brand, Hayley Menzies herself, is nothing short of inspiring.

In this blog post, we will delve into what makes Hayley Menzies a beacon of conscious clothing, and why partnering with Continue truly makes sense for both parties.

A photo of Hayley Menzies in her store
Hayley Menzies

About Hayley Menzies

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Hayley Menzies’s creative direction infuses each piece of her clothing with a sense of wonder and artistry. Her designs embody the spirit of adventure and individuality, celebrating the beauty of diversity in both fashion and life.

These designs truly stand out when it comes to the brand, but another crucial component to the brand’s ethos is sustainability: from the conscientious selection of fabrics, to the celebration of artisanal communities, the importance of preserving the environment, and the promotion of ethical craftsmanship, every aspect of their design process is geared towards future-proofing their pieces. The aspiration is that each garment will be rediscovered like a hidden treasure, cherished for generations to come.

The Ethos

It is with all of these values in mind that Hayley Menzies’s brand ethos aligns perfectly with the values that Continue holds dear:

Extending Fashion's Lifespan

Through Continue, Hayley Menzies is bridging the gap between their online store and the world of resale. This innovative endeavour ensures that their meticulously crafted clothing finds new homes rather than landfills. This goes beyond waste reduction; it's about enhancing the customer experience by providing a frictionless, enjoyable resale journey.

By seamlessly connecting to this resale process, Hayley Menzies encourages them to embrace circular fashion practices, harmonising their actions with the brand's sustainable values.

Crafting the "Vintage of the Future"

Hayley Menzies envisions a world where fashion transcends the ephemeral and becomes the "Vintage of the Future." Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted to endure, to be cherished forever, regardless of its owner. This vision perfectly aligns with the collaboration with Continue, who share their commitment to enduring quality.

Hayley Menzies X Continue

Through this innovative partnership, Hayley Menzies and Continue are reshaping fashion's future. Cherished clothing can persist, stories can be shared, and fashion can evolve into the "Vintage of the Future." Join us on this journey towards a more conscious and circular fashion world, where every piece narrates a story and every choice makes a significant impact.

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