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How long does it take to integrate Continue?


Our northern star when engineering the Continue platform is this: make resale ridiculously easy for brands and consumers alike. For brands, we believe integration should be a walk in the park, even for those without a dedicated tech team. For consumers they want a marketplace where they can frictionlessly list items for sale without trying to get that perfect shot or becoming a literary genius in their product descriptions.

BAM Clothing
What Brands Have to Do

For brands, it's as straightforward as it gets. They simply grant us granular, read-only access to their e-commerce platforms. We've got the capability to handle integrations with over 40 different e-commerce setups. Typically, this process is wrapped up in a neat little bow in just 10 minutes.

What We Bring to the Table

Once the access is granted, that's where we do the heavy lifting. We take all of that product data and transform it into our own standardised format. The result? A user-friendly, centralised app where consumers can browse and filter through their favourite brands with ease.

Our automated onboarding process is no slouch either. We employ natural language processing and historical data to determine the perfect size, colour, and category for each product on the Continue platform. And then we have a human check all of the results to make sure it’s just right.

We then listen to product data in real-time. Any changes made to products are promptly updated, ensuring everything stays fresh and up to date.

The User Journey

Once the integration is up and running, the real magic unfolds with the digitisation of products. When a user signs up with us, we pull in all of their purchases from your brand. If your brand has the data, we can digitise it. From that point onwards, every order syncs seamlessly with the user's Continue wardrobe in real time.


We're on a constant journey of refinement and improvement. Right now, we've honed a process that not only streamlines resale but also makes it accessible and enjoyable for both consumers and brands. Our product is also driven by feedback so if you ever want to share some of your valuable feedback then please do get in touch with us!

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