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Seamlessly connecting retail to resale

Trusted by the most progressive brands

Your customers are (re)selling their pieces

Reselling takes time & effort yet your customers still do it.

It's time to empower themYour reward? The vast benefits of an untapped market.

Second hand marketplace

You're missing out

No access to new customers or resale commission

Your customers are forced to manually sell their pieces

Unable to promote

sustainability via resale

No control of your brand image on the resale marketplace

Fashion Gen Z
Fashion sneakers
Fashion menswear

64% of Gen Z & Millennials shop resale before purchasing new

Luckily, accessing resale has never been this easy

How it works


Connect your website to Continue in 10 minutes.


You make an e-commerce sale, no change to your workflow.


The product is digitised and added to the owner's Continue Wardrobe.


When the time comes, the owner sells their product with a swipe of a finger.

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Fashion secondhand clothing

A world of resale benefits

Gain new customers

Redirect customers from our platform to your website

Super-charge your online sales

Increase conversion rates and AOV whilst decreasing returns using our widget

Unlock new revenue

Earn commission every time your products resell

Control your image

Regain control of your brand identity on the resale marketplace

Boost sustainability credentials

87% of consumers want brands to encourage future sustainability

Uncover untapped market data

Access and upsell to your 2nd, 3rd, 4th-hand buyer

“Once you understand what Continue offers, it’s a no brainer

David Gordon - Founder, Bamboo Clothing

Resale is forecasted to grow 3x by 2027

Fashion hat
Fashion textile

Make better decisions with rich, real-time resale data

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Unlock the benefits of frictionless resale



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