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In progress

Integrated shopping options

Customers can select their preferred couriers when selling & purchasing items. This functionality supports integrated labels & tracking

In progress

Automated engagement engine

Automated data-driven engine encouraging customers to list items, suggests pricing, and notifies when items are in high demand

14th May 2024

Seamless sign up 

Customers can now sign up using only their email address, making the authentication experience seamless between retailer's website and marketplace.

28th Apr 2024

Store credit payout

Customers can now choose store credit instead of cash payments

15th Apr 2024

Branded marketplace

Our retailer clients can now launch their own branded marketplace.

28th Mar 2024

Required images

If product conditions are below a certain tier, the customer is required to add their own images of the items.

11th Feb 2024

Browser version

Browser version of the marketplace app now available.

22nd Dec 2023

Passwordless login

Customers can now sign up and log in without a password thanks to our magic link technology.

16th Nov 2023

Order tracking

Customers can now see all order statuses and track individual sales and purchases in app. 

24th Oct 2023

Escrow transactions

Transactions are now held in escrow. Payment is released to the seller when the buyer confirms receipt and that item does not differ significantly from description.

16th Sep 2023

Make offer

Customers can now make offers on items on the marketplace.

8th Aug 2023


Customers can now add multiple email address to their account allowing them to sync products made when using different email addresses.

19th Jul 2023

Product filters

Customers can now use filters to refine marketplace results.

15th Jun 2023

Marketplace Search 

Customers can now search for products on the marketplace.

24th May 2023

Chat functionality

Customers can now chat to one another via the app.

27th Apr 2023

App released

A centralised marketplace that connects to retailer's e-commerce platforms allowing their customers to easily buy and resell their preloved items.

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