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Is My Brand Too Small To Tap Into Resale?

Here’s how we help power branded marketplaces for any size business—and why now is the time to join them.

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We’ve been getting asked the question “Is my brand too small to work with you?” a lot recently, so we thought we’d put something out there to ease any worries, by discussing what indicates a brand is ready to launch its own marketplace: 

Website Traffic

We’ve found that marketplaces work well for brands with 5,000 monthly website visitors or above. 

Engaged community

When the monthly visits are on the lower end of the scale, we’ve seen that brands that have a very engaged community across social media and email lists have seen the most success (high comment rate, reply rate etc). Their customers are excited about the brand and the potential to swap with other customers—even if they’re not ready to just yet. 

Isla de Gar’s Preloved section, for example. The small business has already seen a 50% sell-through rate on their listings. In one of our weekly check-ins, its founder Emma Garner said “I didn’t expect to see this high level of activity”—owing it mostly to their engaged Instagram community who loved the concept.

Great quality products that last

If your products are already high-quality and built to last they’ll hold their value on the preloved marketing—ensuring customers see a great return from selling them, and the savviest of shoppers will know they can always sell it on. Plus, the ‘recommended resale price’ we can build you on your PDPs gives every customer that info at point of sale, even if they weren’t anticipating selling it. 

Traction on preloved markets

If your customers are selling their items already on other platforms, chances are this is just a tiny percentage of the customers who actually want to resell. The majority of customers think uploading manually to the big platforms is extra life admin, so avoid doing so even if they miss out. If you are a smaller brand with lots of items on different marketplaces, there is obviously a resale demand there—Continue just helps you keep it for yourself, in your own control. 

Not sure if you have enough stock to fill a marketplace? Some of our brands to begin with have populated their marketplaces with sample stock, returned and excess pieces to kick things off. As well as facilitating peer-to-peer transactions, we really want our technology to help you adopt circularity wherever you can in your business, easily and with as little operation on your side as possible. 

If you tick any of the boxes above, you're likely ready to enter the resale game. 

isla de gar preloved

Here are four reasons why we can help you, no matter the size—and why now is the time to get involved. 

  1. We do the work for you 

Our proprietary marketplace engine prompts customers to list their products after a certain amount of time of ownership. We know you are busy building your business and want preloved to grow alongside it—effortlessly.

2. Drive community conversation

Now you have an extra place to target your customers, plus something to shout about on social—which means even if you’re a smaller player, you can still utilise your resale marketplace to create additional community buzz and content you can roll out in your yearly marketing strategies as you continue to grow.

3. Customer data acquisition

For small businesses, customer data acquisition is paramount to ensure long-term success. If customers buy your items preloved on other platforms, you have no idea who they are. Take back ownership, get to know who’s engaging with your brand on the preloved market and take the opportunity to bring them into the brand’s universe.  

4. It future-proofs your brand

Finding it hard to tap into a younger audience and create an audience with longevity? Industry stats show that 40% of people who buy preloved buy new within just one month. Your branded resale marketplace allows aspiring customers to access you at a better entry point for them—making them even more likely to stick around for the long haul. 

Ultimately, resale isn’t going anywhere, so integrating Continue technology and powering your own branded resale marketplace means investing in long-term strategy now, so it can pay off in the future. In the business of sustainable and earth-friendly fashion, you really do reap what you sow. 

Getting FOMO? Talk to us. 

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